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Hi, I'm Lynn, a freelance writer in the tech,  health / medical cannabis, and human rights / nonprofit spaces.


I help marketing managers, editors, and businesses get the word out. On time.

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​Copywriting, blogs and other website content, magazine articles, and more… I can help.


How do I make your life easier? By helping you get more – whether that’s more customers, more donors, or more readers – by telling your story while elevating and advancing your brand.


And I do it in your style and voice, on time. Because you're on that marketing merry-go-round that seems to spin more wildly every day. You do so much, but you can't do everything.


That's where I swoop in. Machete (read: cyber pen) in hand, I cut through the jargon jungle, turning potentially dull or confusing info into relatable, interesting, useful, and persuasive content.


With or without Oxford commas.

Let's work together. We've got this.



CCEO & Advocate Development Lead


"Lynn is an absolute joy to work with! She brings a plethora of ideas to the table, discusses them thoroughly, and then gets right to writing. Lynn communicates very well with me. And consistently seeks clarity. I really like that about her!"


Peak Supply Co.

"You have an amazing way with words. I’m very impressed. We loved your writing – thank you."


Editor, The Cannagima


"Lynn was a pleasure to work with. She delivered exactly what we were looking for, was easy to communicate with, and I look forward to working with her again."


Green Scene Marketing

"Lynn has done a great job of writing articles that come across as engaging and well-informed, and I would happily recommend her for any content writing assignment."


Information Security Consulting & Architecture


"Lynn has an excellent eye for detail, especially when it comes to research and client documentation.  She also works well within a team, is a pleasure to work with, and makes my job so much easier!


On several projects, Lynn quickly grasped what was needed and provided the copy to the team.  She was thorough in the details she provided and extremely conscientious to ensure she provided valuable information. 


I highly recommend Lynn for anyone who needs a hard worker who is willing to dive into the details and produce great results!"


Founder, Devotable

"Lynn is a talented writer. She writes for Devotable once every 4-6 weeks and provides high quality, well written, Christian devotional content. She connects with our readers through the ability to tell and apply great stories from her personal life and experiences. All her writing is well received and commented on. I'd recommend Lynn for any type of writing project you need that requires an honest and thought out approach." -Landen, Founder of Devotable

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