Cannabis is real medicine. I help marketing managers, editors, and businesses get the word out. On time.

Let's face it -- cannabis has gotten a bad rap. You want to help change that by providing compelling copywriting and articles that educate, inspire, and motivate people to take action, and your readers and customers are looking to you for these things.


You want to serve their needs while at the same time increasing your traffic, readership, and profits.


You want cannabis to be legalized, de-stigmatized, and legitimized.


And you want your business or publication's name attached to your endeavors... you'd like to do more to achieve this, but you're on that marketing merry-go-round that seems to spin more wildly each day.

That's where I swoop in. Let me do the research, interviews, and writing for you, so you can have one less thing to worry about.


You and I can't legalize, de-stigmatize, and legitimize cannabis all by ourselves. But every well-written article and piece of quality content brings us a bit closer, while helping to increase your bottom line on this wild, green frontier.

Hi, I'm Lynn --

Your freelance writer specializing in medical cannabis!

Whether it's an article about a certain medical condition and how cannabis may help, the latest news in cannabusiness and cannatech, or a blog post about the wonders of hemp and CBD, I'll cover it for you. And I'll do it in your tone and style, on deadline. No charge for the smile and positive attitude.

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